Policies Assessment will focus on the adaptation and utilization of the tool developed under Modeling the Joint Management of Energy and Water, Socio-Economic and Environmental Aspects, Digital Twin Tool for the assessment of climate change impact and effectiveness of energy and climate-related policies. This involves the production of climate impact scenarios of resources availability and demand, which underpin the possible response of stakeholder at the urban scale and, consequently, strategic measures to be tested with the multi-sectoral model. The impact of climate change on frequency of events above thresholds will be investigated with new tools as well as the probability of failure, resilience and adaptability of infrastructures. The urban twin model will be validated with suitable process indicators and develop guidelines for adaptive intervention that improve sub-optimal conditions.

Tasks included are:

  • Develop a quantitative assessment of climate change impacts on infrastructure’s functioning.
  • Establish a measurement platform to monitor the impact of interventions and feedback this information into model calibration/validation
  • Question the model with specific scenarios provided by stakeholders for water, building, and mobility management and policies.
  • Develop methodology of uncertainty assessment for pathways and their climate impacts.
  • Include dynamic boundary conditions to fully represent integration in the national and international context

Research Partners