The Dean of ENAC, Prof. Claudia Binder, named-checked UrbanTwin in an in-depth interivew about World Cities Day:

“Digital technology is opening the door to new research avenues. For example, it lets us simulate potential pathways and tipping dynamics towards more sustainable states. These results could support policymakers in their decision-making and enable them to explore unknown avenues. This can be really powerful, and it’s underexploited so far, especially at the scale of a city due to the high complexity of urban areas. In the longer term, we could see digital platforms emerge, allowing scientists, engineers and policymakers to exchange data, build futures together and explore new research areas. At EPFL, we have two initiatives along these lines – Urban Twin and Blue City – which aim at engaging society and contributing to policymaking, for instance to reach the goals of Switzerland’s 2050 Energy Strategy.”

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