Georgios Sarantakos took part in a panel discussion at the event Reimagining Living: Building within our Planet’s Limits.

A panel discussion highlighted the importance of breaking silos and the interconnected nature of politics and our collective future. The panelists included:

In a world facing increasing urbanization and environmental challenges, events like “Reimagining Living” provide a platform for rethinking the future of our cities. As we navigate this pivotal moment in history, the question remains: can we rebuild and redefine our cities within the limits of our planet? The event encouraged attendees to explore this question and more, offering hope and inspiration for a sustainable urban future.

The event came to life thanks to collaborative efforts of organizations such as FUSTIC, EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), Enterprise for Society Center (E4S), and kühne wicki / Future Stuff. Innovaud sponsored the event, and it received support from the ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne, Future City Alliance (SmartCity Alliance & CityZen), and Innovation Booster Swiss Smart Cities.

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